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Astrological Software Information

  Astrological Software Information
Table give comparision between four product as per item.
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Kundali 2012
 Item Rs. 16,500 Rs. 9,000 Rs. 6,500
 Vimshotari Antar Form Rahu
 Vimshotari Antar Form Ketu
 Shodash Varga Sarini
 Match Making
 Prashna Kundali
 Current Yransits
 Panchang (up to 5000 Years)
 Ephemeris (up to 5000 Years)
 Bio-Data (for Marriage)
 Rectification (Birth Time  Rectification)
 Day to Day (Chogadya & Hora)
 Vital Point
 Data Entry From
 Ghati Pal to Time Conversion
 Time to Ghati Pal Conversion
 Ruling Kundali
 Advance Transits
 Yearly Transits
 True Rahu-Meen Rahu
 K.P.Panchange (for any Place)
 K.P.Transists (for any Place)
 Shubh Kaal (Full Days  Kundalis)
 Reveres Lagna
 Rahu Kalam/ Vijay Muhurat
 Remark on Each Persons

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