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 E-Kundali Horoscope Software
In this one can email the horoscopes in  'HTML'  or  'PDF' format using the automated email editor. The colors of the each and every items can be customized by the user (astrologer) : Table border, planet's color, rasi color, chart color etc.

  The entire E-mailed Horoscope will be packaged consisting of :
  • Main page (Contents)
  • Individual pages (html files) depending upon the module selected by the
    astrologer. (Each page will have navigational controls)
  • Many JPEG images of charts depending upon the module and
  • A setup program that will expand all the above files and open the main page (contents) in the default web browser.
The software is designed independent of any language additions in future.
It is be possible for the user or client to send or receive the horoscopes in different languages because then the setup program will install the relative fonts on the clients machine sent along with the package.

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